Johanson Dielectrics


For everything from high volume, low cost capacitors to application specific ceramic solutions, Johanson Dielectrics has you covered.
Our wide product offering includes the following Capacitors: Ceramic SMT and Leaded High Voltage and High Temperature, Y2 Safety Certified, Tip & Ring, Tanceram (for Tantalum replacement), Dual and Multi Capacitor Arrays, Low Inductance, X2Y, Switchmode.
The combination of a high-quality and extensive product offering, low lead times, and a worldwide network of sales and manufacturing locations makes Johanson Dielectrics a world-class business partner.


Surface Mount (SMT) Products

smt SMT MLC Capacitors 10-200 VDC
large-mlcc Large Size MLCC 50-5000 VDC
high-voltage High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 500 - 5,000 VDC
x2y X2Y® Filter & Decoupling Capacitors
safety AC Safety Capacitors
feedthru Feedthru MLCC
tip-ring Tip & Ring Chip Capacitors 250 & 300 VDC
polyterm PolyTerm™ Ceramic Caps
tanceram TANCERAM® Capacitors for Tantalum Replacement
tin-lead Tin-Lead Plated MLCCs