Advanced Monolythic Ceramics, Inc. was a leading supplier of ceramic planar array and discoidal capacitor EMI filters. We have served the Aerospace, Biomedical, Military, Satellite, Industrial and Communication electronics industries since 1994.

In 2002, AMC was acquired by Johanson Dielectrics, Inc., headquartered in Sylmar, CA. In 2013, JDI announced the closure of the AMC factory and consolidation into the headquarters in Sylmar. That move is now completed.

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to consistently achieve production lead times on standard and custom products that are the shortest in the industry.


Planar Array Caps for EMI Filtering


Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. (JDI) is the premier supplier of EMI Planar Capacitor Filter Arrays to the Filtered Connector Industry. Planar Arrays were introduced to the electronic industry in the 1980's, and achieved preeminence in the early 1990's when they were tested and accepted as the capacitor design of choice in military applications. Today they are the fundamental building block for filtered connectors found in Aerospace, Biomedical, Military, Satellite, Industrial and Communication electronics. Many of JDI core staff were instrumental in the development of this technology. JDI continues to push the envelope in array technology by extending the performance limits of our product and designing innovative and quality-focused solutions to customer challenges. JDI offers array product lead times that are consistently half those of our competitors, even for the most complex products. Our design engineering strength enables incorporation of seemingly impossible combinations of EMI Filter capacitance values, voltage ratings, and complex geometries competitive prices. With nearly 3,000 existing EMI Filter designs from 2 pins to 155 pins, there is a good chance we have a design waiting for you.


Cap-Strate® Ceramic Capacitor Substrates


Johanson Dielectrics, Inc. (JDI) new line of CapStrate® products integrate large amounts of bulk capacitance into a ceramic substrate allowing elimination of large discrete capacitive components saving critical space and simplifying your assembly process.

JDI’s extensive experience in design and manufacture of large format, custom geometries allows us to develop unique and innovative solutions which successfully solve a wide variety of our customer’s design challenges.

We’ll work proactively with you to fully understand your requirements and recommend the best solution compatible with your application needs.


X2Y® Technology Products



X2Y® technology capacitor products employ a unique, patented internal design in which common shielding electrodes form a Faraday Cage around traditional capacitor electrodes. This dramatically lowers the device's inductance and creates two matched capacitors for superior line-to-ground filtering. Available X2Y® products include planar capacitor arrays, and discoidal capacitors offering the following performance advantages:
• Significantly Lower System Radiated EMI
• Provides Broadband EMI Susceptibility Protection
• Offer Differential And Common Mode Attenuation
• Match Capacitance Line To Ground On Both Lines
• Provide Low Inductance Due To Cancellation Effect
• Reduce Space Required For Passive Components


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