利安科技股份有限公司 成立於199112月至今已27年。


(). 軍用主動及被動電子零件。

(). 軍事及工業控制用電腦 & 邊產品。

(). 航太用感應器,渦輪引擎及地面導航系統。

(). 纜線製作及系統配線。

利安科技目前代理許多國外著名大廠如Honeywell, Curtiss Wright

Defense Solutions (Embedded Computing), SELEX ES,

Measurement Computing, IXI, Ballard Technology, TEWS,

Computer Conversion, Amphenol Aerospace, Teledyne Reynolds,

VPT, Analystic Systems, Recom, PMD, Micross, Datel,

ADDI-DATA, Brainboxes, Semtech, Johanson Technology,

Precision Devices, Precision Sensors等等。









1.  / 工業用電子零件:包含電阻(Resistor)、電容(Capacitor)、積體電路(IC)、二極體(Diode)、電晶體(Transistor)

馬達控制晶片(Motion Chip)、振盪器(Oscillator)、繼電器(Relay)、開關(Switch)、接頭(Connector)、高壓接頭(High Voltage Connector)

變壓器(Transformer)、計時器(Timer)、電纜線(Wire & Cable)、高壓纜線(High Voltage Wire)、熱縮套管(Heat-Shrinkable Tube)

轉換頭(Adapter)、終端阻抗(Terminal)、高壓電源供應器(HV Power Supply)、直流電源轉換器(DC to DC Converter)以及Xilinx FPGA等。

2.  / 電腦相關產品及系統:應用範圍涵蓋國防、航太、網路、工控、電訊、醫學、遙測等方面相關產品;

如高階單板電腦(Single Board Computer)、網路及資料傳輸板(Networking and Communication)

1553B/A429航空介面板(1553B/A429 Bus Interface)NTDS 介面板(NTDS Bus Interface)、數位信號處理板(Digital Signal Processing)

資料擷取板(Data Acquisition)RS232/422/485傳輸板、即時記憶體共享光纖網路卡(ScramNet Memory)

高速資料傳輸板(High Speed Communication)、伺服系統,馬達軸向控制板(Motion and Axis Control)GNSS接收器、GNSS模擬器、

NTP網路時間伺服器、發展工具(Development Tools)、開發套件(Kits)及系統整合服務(System Integration Service)

3. 軍用感應器以及特殊系統:包含加速計(Accelerometer)、溫感開關(Thermal Switch)、雷射陀螺儀(Ring Laser Gyro)

初始值量測模組(Initial Measurement Unit)、尋北儀 (North Finding)、地面導航系統 (Land Navigation System)

渦輪引擎(Turbo Engine)、拖式飛靶(Tow Target)C-Band & S-Band氣象雷達、海拔高度開關 (Altitude Switches)表壓開關

(Gauge Pressure Switches)、差壓開關 (Differential Pressure Switches)、流量開關 (Flow Switches)、液位開關 (Liquid Level Switches)

4. 纜線製作及系統配線:依客戶需要/規格製作軍規各式纜線(含航太/氣密/水密接頭)及系統配線,完成無人飛機全機配線,


在技術支援方面,本公司有專業軟體 / 硬體工程師為您回答有關產品技術/規格問題,提供產品安裝、產品技術資料及使用手冊,


我們提供其他技術服務包括;客製化強固型電腦系統 / 螢幕,電源供應模組FPGA電路板設計,電路板製作,代理產品客戶端訓練,







公司地址: (郵遞區號22180) 新北市汐止區康寧街 169237樓之一


電腦類業務聯繫- 朱亨濤先生:Benjamin@bentech-taiwan.com   

零件和電源業務諮詢– 范俊志先生jack@bentech-taiwan.com 

工程業務– 朱奕政先生kevin@bentech-taiwan.com 
接頭及配件諮詢– 朱柏建先生:jonah@bentech-taiwan.com

線材諮詢– 朱利偉先生:jaco@bentech-taiwan.com


BENTECH COMPUTER CORP.is one of the leading distributors focusing on electronic components & wire, rugged computer, special interface card, sensor, power converter & supply in Taiwan.

Established in December 1991, Bentech Computer has accumulated 27 years of experience in these fields. Our products and services are divided into 4 major categories as follows:

(1). Mil-Spec. active and passive electronic components, power converter and power supply
(2). Mil-Spec, rugged, Industry computer, special interface card, data acquisition, FPGA, DSP card/module and the peripheral
(3). Special sensor, module, navigation system and turbine engine for aerospace and land applications
(4). Aerospace & Military application cable & harness

We are the authorized distributor of many well-known companies including Honeywell, Curtiss Wright Defense Solutions (Embedded Computing), SELEX ES, Measurement Computing, IXI, Ballard Technology, TEWS, Computer Conversion, Amphenol Aerospace, Teledyne Reynolds, VPT, Analystic Systems, Recom, PMD, Micross, Datel, ADDI-DATA, Brainboxes, Semtech, Johanson Technology, Precision Devices, Precision Sensors and many others. They are all our partners and have collaborated with us for years. We are very proud of being able to cooperate with these famous foreign companies.

In our 27 years of business, Bentech has had best records in both sales and stable financial structure to all the suppliers. This is because we hold the vision since the day we started the business that Bentech always offers the best services and products to our customers. That is why many our clients become our long term business partners, and have great trust in Bentech. In fact, Bentech Computer Corp. is your best and reliable business partner forever!

Our four major products and services are:

1. Mil-Spec. Components & Module: Capacitor, Connector, Diode, IC, Crystal Oscillator, Indicator, Resistor, Relay, Switch, Transformer, Transistor, Switching Regulator, Timer, Cable, Adapter, Terminal, DC/DC Converter, High Voltage Converter, Inverter, Frequency Converter, and Battery Charger.

2. Embedded Board & Systems: They can be applied to many fields such as defense, aircraft, satellite, industry control, telecommunication, medicine and so on. Our products include Single Board Computer, Networking and Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Data Acquisition, Memory Boards, NTP Server, RS232/422/485 communication card & Module, ScramNet Memory, GNSS Receiver, High Speed Communication, 1553B, NTDS, Video Processor, Radar Scan Converter, Graphic Card, Power Supply, Motion and Axis Control, Development Tools and System Integration.

3. Special Sensor, Module and System: GPS, Accelerometer, Thermal Switch, Ring Laser Gyro, Initial Measurement Unit, North Finding, Land Navigation System, Turbine Engine, Tow Target, C-Band & S-Band Weather Radar, Altitude Switches, Gauge Pressure Switches, Differential Pressure Switches, Flow Switches, and Liguid Level Switches.

4. Cable and Harness: Tailor-made specifications and requirements, applications include aerospace, ground, marine, air proof and water proof. Experiences and achievements include UAV Interior Wiring, Combat System Wiring, Mobile Radar Ground Station Interior Wiring and Radio Receiver Interior Wiring.

In the aspect of technical support, Bentech Computer Corp. provides the services of professional S/W, H/W and Mechanical engineers. If you have any technical questions, such as design, product applications, system installation and technical data & manual requirements, our engineers will serve you upon request. We are convinced that our services and products will speed up your design and developing cycle so that your company could reduce time and cost of your projects, and furthermore allow your products entering the market at the right time. Bentech offers 1 to 3 years warranty service for all products with attached qualified Certification of Compliance.

Other technical services include customized rugged computer system / monitor, power supply, FPGA application / circuit design, print circuit board assemble, product maintenance / training, sample coding as well as weather radar and turbine engine maintenance & training.

The core values of Bentech Computer Corp are teamwork, innovation and customers first. Our goal is to supply good quality, high performance and most reliability products and systems that have been certified by ISO 9000 or military qualification. Bentech is the company you can trust!

For more information, please contact us. It’s our honor to serve you!
Bentech Computer Corp.
Tel: +886-2-2695-8906
Fax: +886-2-2695-8911
7F-1, No.23, Lane 169, Kang-Ning St. Xizhi Dist., (22180) New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Benjamin H.T. Chu / General Manager